Welcome to the Galax-Network store.☜ 

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『 Hey! Galax-Network it's a free service for players which is maintained thanks to the purchases and donations made by its community. By purchasing something from this store, you help keep the server free, up-to-date, and expanding.  All the money raised is reinvested in the service and helps us improve it every day.

We offer different packages in different categories. You can see the content of each package by clicking on the image associated with the item or by using the purchase button. If you have any question about the Store, server etc, we can help you in soporte@galax-network.com , in the forums, and Discord too. 』 

💰Payment methods

We currently offer Paypal.  You can pay with credit/debit card, and PayPal Balance too.  All payments are secure and protected with encryption. (You can pay without having paypal)

Payment processing

Once you have made the payment on Galax-Network store, they will be activated within 5-10 minutes of receipt. 

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